Jennings Mill Lunch Order Form

2021 GSWGA Lunch $10.70 to be paid at the course.

Please complete a form and submit to   Your lunch will be ready the day you play Jennings Mill.

Player Name: __________________________________________

Deli Wraps with Fresh Fruit and your choice of bagged chips:

Please check your preferences for your “boxed lunch.” We’ll be making them fresh for you and hope to have them ready to go! Place an “x” next to your choice for each category.

 WRAP TYPE:       Turkey  _____         Ham   _______             Veggie _______

Cheese: Choose 1

Swiss_______     Cheddar_______    American ______Pepper Jack ________

Toppings: Choose any or all:

 All _________

Lettuce ____   Tomato____   Pickles____  Jalapenos ____   Cucumber____   Onion____

Sauces: Choose 1 (Will come on the side for dipping)

Ranch ____    Bleu Cheese____    Honey Mustard ___   Buffalo Sauce___

Balsamic___    BBQ Sauce ____   Yellow Mustard ____

Chips: Choose 1

Doritos ____    Lays ____    Salt’n Vinegar ____    BBQ ____   Jalapeno ____    Pretzels ____    Peanuts ____

Please call Sandy Pardue  (404) 213-5308 if you have any further questions.