Since 1964, GSWGA has been governed by a group of dedicated volunteers serving as the Board of Directors.  The Board consists of a maximum of 16 Directors including the Chairman of the Board. Directors are elected for a (3) year term and may be reelected for (1) consecutive term. After completing a second term they must retire from the Board for at least (1) year before being nominated for the Board again. All officers on the Executive Committee are elected for a (1) year period. However, if elected, they may succeed themselves during their tenure on the Board. The only exception to these terms of office is the retiring President who automatically becomes the Chairman of the Board regardless of tenure on the Board.  

2023 Board of Directors

Elizabeth Ross
Wanda Montgomery
Chairman of the Board
Clare Clarke
1st Vice President
Della Judy
2nd Vice President
Eveylyn Rosier
Carol Garrett
Recording Secretary
Gail Melton
Corresponding Secretary
Ingrid Boston
Rose Cannon
Patty Johnson
Rhonda Jones
Ellen Vander Linden
Amy Brown
Janet Vandenbark
Peggy WIlliams
Michelle Palmer
Stacy Cantrell

2023 Committee Chairs and Members

AwardsGail MeltonIngrid Boston
BudgetEvelyn RosierClare Clark, Ellen Vander Linden, Della Judy
Membership/DirectorEllen Vander LindenGail Melton, Rhonda Jones, Evelyn Rosier
NominatingWanda MontgomeryDella Judy
PropertyRose CannonCarol Garrett, Rhonda Jones, Janet Vandenbark
Reception/SocialDella JudyRhonda Jones, Ellen Vander Linden, Ingrid Boston
RegistrationCarol GarrettRose Cannon, Gail Melton
RevisionWanda MontgomeryCarol Garrett, Patty Johnson, Amy Brown
RulesPatty JohnsonJanet Vandenbark, Amy Brown, Clare Clark
ScoringRhonda JonesPatty Johnson, Janet Vandenbark, Amy Brown
Site SelectionDella JudyCarol Garrett, Ellen Vander Linden,  Janet Vandenbark
TournamentClare ClarkPatty Johnson, Rose Cannon, Amy Brown
WebsiteJanet VandenbarkElizabeth Ross, Michelle Palmer, Amy Brown, Stacy Cantrell