GSWGA Membership Application

Returning Members:  By March 1, 2022 please submit the application with any changes since 2021 and sign the Wavier of Liability at the bottom.

Submit Returning  Member Application On-line:

2022 Returning Member Application

Print Member Application and Mail:

2022  Returning Member Application

New Members who have reached the age of 50, legal resident of GA, and have a USGA index of 32.0 or less may join anytime during the calendar year.

Submit New Member Application On-line and Pay:

2022 New Member Application

Print Member Application and Mail Check:

2022  Member Application

Membership Requirements:

  1. Applicant must be at least 50 years of age.

  2. Applicant must be female and be a legal resident of the state of Georgia.

  3. New applicants must have a Handicap Index of 32.0 or less.

  4. Application for membership must be made on a GSWGA application; submit on-line, mail or give to any board member.

  5. Annual membership dues of $40 must be submitted with application, make checks payable to GSWGA.

  6. All of the above requirements must be met and be current at the time of application for new members.

  7. A handicap of 32.0 or less is not required for returning members as long as membership is uninterrupted.

  8. Membership drive for returning members closes March 1.  If you miss the March 1 deadline and meet all of the requirements for a new member an application can be submitted anytime.


The GSWGA board would like to thank our loyal members for renewing their memberships and extend our gratitude and appreciation for your continued support of GSWGA. We would also like to extend a very warm welcome to each of GSWGA's new members this year. We ask each of you to help us continue our recruiting efforts by inviting your golfing friends to join us.  With your help GSWGA can continue to grow its membership.

Please post copies of the 2022 GSWGA Member Application in your clubhouse.  Then spread the word and personally encourage your favorite golfing buddies to come along with us this year to experience the satisfaction and sense of family that comes with membership in the GSWGA.

See you soon!

Your GSWGA Board of Directors


Course Rules

1. Come relaxed ...... Leave happy

2. You'll remember your friends more than your scores

3. Play often ..... Laugh more

4. Play the tees that make you the happiest

5. It's more fun when you're not the only one having it